Poetic Words: Angie Estes & the Scottish Poetry Library

Reading Poetry Daily, a nice habit I’m restarting, has a dazzler today from Poetry London. Here are the first few lines of Angie Estes “Deep Field,”

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them
all by their names
: tutti-frutti, Cimabue, bracelets
of Cartier, chock full o’Giotto spilled
onto a black sky like Jujubes
during a matinee. Anna-Eva Bergman…

Read the full poem here.

In other poetry news, I happened upon the Podcasts for the Scottish Poetry Library recently and, through them, got introduced to Caroline Bird, worth listening to if you are a poetry fan, particularly somebody fond of writers like Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay or, from an earlier generation, Frank O’Hara. Bird has a fresh, gentle/sharp way, and her poems are often disarmingly funny.


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