Photo Saturday: Rock Creek Park

A few shots from a recent hike:



Peter Hujar

One of the amazing things about the last 30 years is how underground artists are now old masters (I guess it was ever so).

Case in point Peter Hujar, now a prize of that most august of cultural institutions, the Morgan Library :

One additional sign of his acclaim, the recent (and not very appetizing) novel that used one of his photos as a signature image.

And there was a sympathetic and wonderfully written review in the NYTimes that brought back what it was like to encounter him a generation ago.

“It’s hard to say which is more surprising: that Peter Hujar’s photographs of 1970s and ’80s underground life in New York life have found their way to the Morgan Library & Museum, or that this Classically-minded institution has become unbuttoned enough to exhibit them in a heartbreaker of a show called “Peter Hujar: Speed of Life.”

Photo Thursday: Developing Your Eye

I am taking one of’s courses, Developing Your Eye I, which gives you a photography prompt and some advice each day for ten days.  (And, of course, I am already behind.)

The first day’s prompt was “home,”  and here is my somewhat random response (didn’t have to leave home to get these shots, they were vistas or items nearby, a free  interpretation of the prompt, granted).