Roundup: Tidbits from Around the Web

A few things that caught my eye recently while browsing.

Not only did Scalia make fun of same-sex marriage, he (probably) ridiculed Chinese Philosophy
“However, one issue has received little attention in the U.S., while igniting a storm of discussion in China: Justice Anthony Kennedy’s citation of Confucius in his majority decision. And almost no one has remarked on Justice Antonin Scalia’s inflammatory response to Kennedy’s use of Confucius. Let’s examine what Kennedy said, how the Chinese have reacted to it, whether Kennedy got Confucius right, and what Scalia’s rebuttal to Confucius represents.”

News Fact checking Galore
Duke University’s Reporters’ Lab says there are twenty more sites keeping tabs today than there were this timelast year.

Just How Many Type Faces Do We Need?
Design Observer has an interesting take on the ever-increasing number of new type designs on the market.
“Have we reached peak typeface? Apparently not. More fonts appear daily in a seemingly endless quest for newness. And if we factor in the search for a viable, fully-responsive typographic ecosystem for the web, the results offer a near infinity of variables. Why?”

Check out the thought-provoking piece by Adrian Shaughnessy at Design Observer.

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