The Barricades of October

Clear Autumn in the Mountains of Chu
Clear Autumn in the Mountains of Chu by Mi Youren

Back to poetry and music, to wit: a couple of things in an October mood:

First, an excerpt from Basho’s “The Records of a Travel-worn Satchel”–a travel book with haiku.

It was early in October when the sky was terribly uncertain that I decided to set out on a journey. I could not help feeling vague misgivings about the future of my journey, as I watched the fallen leaves of autumn being carried away by the wind.

From this day forth
I shall be called a wanderer,
Leaving on a journey
Thus among the early showers.

You will again sleep night after night
Nestled among the flowers of sasanqua.

And second, a reprise of a bit of Couperin that I’ve posted before, (not sure why this strikes me as autumnal, maybe because of its evocative melody?) “The Mysterious Barricades.”  Here is a good performance and an explanation of the enigmatic title from Philippe Radault.
Philippe Radault

The nights are finally cool in Washington, and the leaves are turning.

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