Enthusiams: Are they Goths?

Computer journalist Sean Gallagher accompanied his college-age son to last November’s Darkon event, in Maryland. The Darkon Wargaming Club is a LARP group, and Gallagher’s piece, published by ArsTechnica, gives a real sense of it–and the level of detail involved.  Not my thing personally, but since a friend and I seriously considered (right, Tim?) creating “fantasy opera camp,” I can appreciate specialized enthusiasm.
Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 1.34.04 PM
Some nice quotes:

A middle-aged woman (in a store) whispered, “Are they Goths or something?”
“No, wrong tribe,” I answered. “I believe they’re more like Vikings.”

“I basically get to play a mob boss. I used to be a wallflower before I got involved in this,” she told me. “Darkon is my shiny, happy place.”

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