30 Days of Sheet Music: Day 22, “Stardust”


Selected this one yesterday, but didn’t post, sorry. It’s the Hoagy Carmichael standard, “Stardust.” It, according to Wikipedia at least, started life as the 28-year-old pianist and bandleader strolled around the IU campus (where he got a BA and law degree). He said of tunes, something he knew his way around, “You don’t write melodies, you find them…If you find the beginning of a good song, and if your fingers do not stray, the melody should come out of hiding in a short time.”

Here Carmichael is playing it.

The history implies that it was uptempo originally, before it got words and relaxed into a ballad. That’s how I know it (and how my grandparents knew it and loved it as their favorite song).

I’m willing to bet the version that got them teary-eyed was Nat King Cole’s.

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