Beautiful Music: Borodin

Not much posting recently, sorry. Busy trying to learn enough WordPress to do a site for real. (And not as easy as it looks!)  Also, sort of bingeing on Borodin after the Met’s Prince Igor b’cast a couple of weeks ago. What an opulent score!

Here’s another bit of Borodin to share: Dmitri Hvorostovsky singing “For the shores of your far homeland” in recital.


The text is Pushkin,

 For the shores of your far homeland
 You left this strange land;
 Within this unforgettable hour, this hour of sadness,
 I wept lingeringly before you.....

Nothing matches hearing him in person, but this gives a sense of his extraordinary sound and presence.

A Beautiful Song: Sarah Vaughan

Five minutes you won’t regret spending on YouTube if you are a fan of wonderful singing (operatic, jazz or otherwise). Sarah Vaughan singing Errol Gardner’s “Misty.” Yes, I know she had the most operatic voice of any jazz singer, and that’s perhaps what first drew me to her, but her way with a lyric, her style as a singer, and that ardent restraint keep me listening.

(And she had a cold, which you can tell–and still gives a performance like this!)

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