30 Days of Music Tidbits, Day 12, Great (fictional?) Band Names

A break from classical music blather to provide a choice tidbit from Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments. Band manager Jimmy Rabbitte checks the paper to see if they got a review.

“There was no review in Hot Press. That was a disappointment. But they were in the Rhythm Guide.

–Your Regular Beat . . .
What’s Happening in Residencies.
WednesdaysThe Commitments
Carlow, Octopussys: The Plumbers.
Cork, Sir Henrys: Asthmatic Hobbit Goes Boing.
Dublin, Baggot: The Four Samurai.
Dublin, Ivy Rooms: Autumn’s Drizzle.
Dublin, Miami Vice: The Commitments.

Jimmy cut it out and stuck it on his wall.”