Levine Back on the Conductor’s Podium

James Levine, the long-time music director of the Met, and previously of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has had a long series of health challenges. These have kept him from working for  two years, but he did lead a performance by the Met Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Tomassini in the Times gave it a good review (although much of the story, which made the frScreen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.22.33 AMont page, is about the concert rather than critique). Perhaps the story is that he conducted at all, given that his lack of mobility required a motorized wheelchair. Over on WQRX, Naomi Lewin gives the performance a thumbs up, and there’s a bit of the end of the Schubert, Great C Major Symphony, which closed the concert, available in audio. It’s a long piece, perhaps a trial for anybody to conduct. (Orchestra musicians also once found it too long and exhausting.) But it sounds like both conductor and orchestra were on fine musical form.

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