“We continued fishing and crabbing…”

A Navy Drone crashes in Dorchester County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Residents look up briefly.

I spent my long, long middle, high school, and college years on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I only know it now, but god how I was hoping for a drone crash! Although a meteor would have done nicely too.

The Word

A poem I found via http://wonderingminstrels.blogspot.com/, apparently no longer updated, but full of good poems.

The Word

 Down near the bottom
 of the crossed-out list
 of things you have to do today,

 between "green thread"
 and "broccoli" you find
 that you have penciled "sunlight."

 Resting on the page, the word
 is as beautiful, it touches you
 as if you had a friend

 and sunlight were a present
 he had sent you from some place distant
 as this morning -- to cheer you up,

 and to remind you that,
 among your duties, pleasure
 is a thing,

 that also needs accomplishing
 Do you remember?
 that time and light are kinds

 of love, and love
 is no less practical
 than a coffee grinder

 or a safe spare tire?
 Tomorrow you may be utterly
 without a clue

 but today you get a telegram,
 from the heart in exile
 proclaiming that the kingdom

 still exists,
 the king and queen alive,
 still speaking to their children,

 - to any one among them
 who can find the time,
 to sit out in the sun and listen.

— Tony Hoagland

The Gay Marriage Debate: The Black Church’s Response to Obama and NAACP support

Fascinating discussion from WGBH’s Basic Black with clergy, commentators, and the head of the Boston NAACP on the issue. I’m not religious, but impressed by how those who are, and grapple firsthand with this to find a new understanding.


Dead Phone Walking: The Demise of WebOS and the Pre

Tech Soap Opera: Good article by Chris Ziegler on the short life and unhappy death of the Palm Pre, which once bid fair to grab the mobile market. Exposes the inner workings of the industry–personalities x technology x market issues–well reported on all three dimensions. Jim and I both had Pres. We went from big crush–nifty UI things, great form factor–to feeling like it was a Members Only jacket and we were the last members. (A feeling I have often had.)


Arguably, Palm was in the midst of amassing perhaps the greatest talent pool in the Valley at that time. People who’d done truly great things in the industry–many of whom already knew each other and had professional chemistry–had been enticed to Sunnyvale en masse under the leadership of Ed Colligan and Jon Rubinstein, both of whom were considered highly charismatic and influential individuals who could get things done. And Palm management had indicated to leadership that their Windows Mobile business was healthy enough to carry the company for a while, giving engineers the breathing room they needed to make Nova great.

The company blew out remaining TouchPad inventory for as little as $99, a move that one employee we spoke to called a “joke.” At that point, it was nothing more than a dead tablet walking

Complete story at http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/5/3062611/palm-webos-hp-inside-story-pre-postmortem

From the Verge, found via Daring Fireball.