A Few Reasonable Words is Arthur’s commonplace book, op-ed page, quotation file, and gallery. A place to store away things that caught my eye, and are perhaps of interest to others.

My background includes stints as a sys admin, librarian, web and video producer, writer, editor, A/V nerd, projectionist, and supermarket elf (that last, fortunately relatively brief-lived). I live in Washington, DC, and currently I produce educational media and consult on digital ed strategy for a living. (You can see my work propaganda at www.arthursmithdigital.com if you wish.)

My interests run the gamut, but music is a big one, and I am an amateur pianist and singer. I attend a lot of live music, and performing arts in general. Books and libraries come a close second. Food and cooking is up there as well, perhaps edging out technology and science, another big passion of mine.

In college, a small liberal arts one, I devised my daily to do list:

  • Listen to music every day.
  • Make music every day (my usual mode is playing the piano, these day playing a lot of chamber music with friends, or singing, preferably choral).
  • Read.
  • Write.

Perhaps a pared-down 21st century version of Goethe’s advice? I’ve kept to it, and it’s held up. Following Johann Wolfgang, I think I’ll add looking at art each day, and maybe making a picture. (I’m an enthusiastic, but not particularly talented, digital photographer.)

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Despite being a professional editorial person, I am seemingly pathologically incapable of writing a paragraph without a typo or two, something that would mortify my mother, a woman whose grammar, spelling and usage were impeccable. She was a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and PR pro in the era before spell check, and yet her copy was perfect! Mine…not so much. Sorry.

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