When LinkedIn is hitting on you

Like most of the known universe, I am, however reluctantly, on LinkedIn. Today, following a contact request I was greeted with this.

For the innocents among you, Grindr is a gay social networking app. I have never heard it referred to as anything but a hookup app when described by gay men, but they perhaps find that a bit limiting. That they would want a former Congressional researcher, news librarian, and manager of an information service on opera is unlikely.

Still, I followed the link to their page and found this video.

I will refrain from additional comment about the combination of Grindr, hackathon, and security engineers who appear to be wearing unicorn pajamas.






P.S. Best use I have heard for Grindr: a guy in NYC who uses it to find bathrooms in the city when he needs a bathroom break, and no public facility is near by.  Uber for when you need to pee!

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