Big Data Comes to Design


You may not be interested in big data and machine learning, but its interested in you. The latest field that they have gotten their grubby little suckers on is web design. To wit, here’s a blog post from Elegant Themes,  WordPress theme shop, whose excellent theme Divi I like a lot. Data is the #1 item.

7 Tech Trends in 2016 That Web Designers Need to Understand (And Why)

#1  Machine Learning

Companies nowadays must deal with enormous amounts of data on a daily basis (have you heard of ‘Big Data’?), which makes machine learning applications for analyzing this information incredibly attractive and applicable to all fields.

When it comes to design, this information could be used to determine what customers would respond better to. Ad companies have been doing this for a long time and at this point, they probably know us better than we do ourselves, thanks to information collected from all over our web travels. In the near future, though, you and your buddies might be seeing many different designs when accessing the same pages simultaneously, thanks to a team of designers who worked hard to make something unique for all potential ‘targets’.

No doubt there are lots of entrepreneurs working on plug-ins that do  user testing and personalization. If only they can do the writing too…

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