Riding in Fast Cars with Beethoven

MFA Cars
Model cars at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Photo by ARS.

Have been on a jag listening to all the Beethoven Piano Trios. (A lacuna in my musical education: beyond the Ghost Trio, I didn’t really run across them before, and am now stumbling through them as an amateur chamber musician.) Not as epic as his quartets, but lots of interesting and experimental music, as well as some things that seem like Beethoven parodying Beethoven, including this irresistible (and earworm creating) finale to the Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 1, No. 3, – IV. Prestissimo: one of his great car chase scenes. Something about c-minor released the whirlwind in him, but here, unlike say the finale of the Moonlight, it’s more keystone cops than galloping furies.

A nice performance by what I’m guessing is a faculty group at SMU.

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