Surprising Words: Gawker Unionizing?

Although it would seem to be the most post-modern/neo-liberal company ever (based as it is on the intersection of gossip and metadata), it appears that the writers at Gawker are trying to kick it old school and unionize.

The New York Observer has the story.

Gawker Staffers Trying to Unionize

“Gawker’s editorial employees are attempting to start a union, writer Hamilton Nolan announced in a post this afternoon. If the efforts prove successful, according to Mr. Nolan, it would make Gawker Media the first major online media company to organize.”

I have no idea if it will work–odds would seem long, but if there is an online ‘working class’ that would benefit from organizing, it probably does include writers and content people as well as those in things like the Amazon Mechanical Turk labor force. Unlike software developers, who in my experience have a fairly intense distaste for organized anything, writers feel put upon (‘because we are’ says a little voice in my head), and although it’s like herding cats, can see some value in coming together.

So stay tuned, like the meltdowns at “First Look” all of this will unfold in real time on the web, with the principals  tweeting copiously about it: and Gawker might find itself Gawked at.


One of the fathers of the American Labor Movement, Samuel Gompers. He may be smiling  at Gawker’s editorial workers’ fight to organize. Gawker readers, on the other hand, will probably be staring at the abs on that guy on the right and thinking about, um, pilates, that’s it. Courtesy of AgnosticPreachersKid at en.wikipedia.


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