Chef Watson

After you win at Jeopardy!, I guess you’re mad hungry. Spotted in the Guardian.

Touting such eyebrow-raising combinations as an Indian turmeric paella, a Turkish-Korean anchovy Caesar salad and a Creole shrimp-lamb dumpling, a new contender for hottest cookery writer of 2015 is preparing to elbow aside the likes of Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson: IBM’s supercomputer Watson.

Four years after beating two human champions to win the US game show Jeopardy!, IBM’s cognitive computing system is set to release its first cookbook – with the help of a few human specialists.

Full (and nicely done) story at :

Mary Frances doesn’t need Watson it seems, but I wouldn’t turn my back on that spatula thingie if I were her. (A children’s cookbook from MSU’s historical cookbook archive.)

It turns out good recipes are yet another problem that give up the game to “big data”–although, as of yet, it doesn’t seem like Watson can actually take a bite from the simmering sauce pan and “adjust seasoning to taste;”  surely some lab is working on that interface.

One thing I’ve wondered about is a “reverse engineering” recipe search engine, where you can put in good things you’ve had at restaurants and you get the info (the late lamented Gourmet Magazine used to do this  years ago). There also are some search engines that let you put what you have in your larder in and display what you can cook.  Just tried a search and learned I could make something called Eggy Teddy Belly Toast. A mildly disturbing prospect.

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