Unreasonable Gizmos: Robot Kitchen?

With so much grim news, for relief I caught up with the festival of excess that is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. Among many things which could charitably called solutions in search of a problem, I encountered “Sereneti,”  which is a robotic gizmo that cooks dinner for you. Here is their amusing promo video.

Sereneti Kitchen Showcase from Sereneti Kitchen on Vimeo.

Now I realize that I am not the target demographic for this–I’m well past my instant Ramen noodle phase, and in fact have become a decent home cook. Accordingly, I enjoy the tasks that Sereneti  aims to eliminate–including shopping for food, finding recipes, determining just how to prepare it. It’s a pleasantly analogue task for somebody who makes his living looking at digital rectangles all day.

All that said, I avidly await the Food Network Robot Wars  “risotto vs. ganache” episode with tricked out Serenetis armed with spoons and spatula.

Part of the documentation I use in the kitchen!  (Courtesy of RadioFan from Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Childs_Joy_of_Cooking.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Childs_Joy_of_Cooking.JPG)
Part of the documentation I use in the kitchen!
(Courtesy of RadioFan from Wikimedia Commons)



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