Proms Time is back

This weekend is the start of the Proms–the biggest (mostly) classical musical festival in the world, and all freely available on Radio 3 on the web (and on television for some lucky viewers, not in the U.S., alas.)


Lots of potential high points: Rattle and the Berlin Phil in J.S. Bach, continuing 300th birthday celebrations for his imaginative son, CPE Bach–fiddler Rachel Podger a likely magician in this rep. We’re also getting Kiss Me, Kate, and from silly to serious, Stravinsky’s oratorio, Oedipus Rex (not in the same concert, I hasten to add).

The opera offerings are probably not as likely to be as jaw-droppingly wonderful as the Barenboim Ring last year, still there are good line ups for Salome, Elektra, and Rosenkavalier.

Lots else, including Rufus Wainwright on the popular and jazz track. (They seem to be fixing links, so bear with them.)

More recommendations, musings, brickbats and praise as the concerts unfold. For music lovers, it really is the most generous of feasts. Thank you, BBC.

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