This Just In: Tax Cuts Work!

Raised, as I was, by socialist parents during an era where kids sang Woody Guthrie songs during elementary school assembly, I’ve always pretty much been the poster child for a “tax and spend liberal.” I’ve always been okay with taxes, and may be one of the few willing to pay more particular if they serve civic needs and aim towards fairness.

So I am shocked, shocked to find out that cutting taxes–and allowing superstars crafty loopholes (literally)–does fuel economic growth and artistic innovation. To wit: Abba’s essence of the 70’s look, a product of tax policy!

From a Guardian report on their new book:

And the reason for their bold fashion choices lay not just in the pop glamour of the late 70s and early 80s, but also in the Swedish tax code.

According to Abba: The Official Photo Book, published to mark 40 years since they won Eurovision with Waterloo, the band’s style was influenced in part by laws that allowed the cost of outfits to be deducted against tax – so long as the costumes were so outrageous they could not possibly be worn on the street.

The tax scofflaws in one of their less outrageous get ups.

Now we know what Grover Norquist will be wearing (and listening to) if he manages to drown the US Government in a bathtub.

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