30 Days of Sheet Music: Day 3, Fly Me to the Moon


Yesterday’s sheet music selection was a classic from the “Great American Song Book,” one of the Gershwins’ best.  Today, despite the astronomical theme of the song, we don’t really hit the musical heights. “Fly Me to the Moon,” is pretty thin musically, but I do love this cover. It may be because it uses that 1960s color palette so evocatively. Children’s writer & illustrator Brian Wildsmith used a similar approach in many of his books.  I also have a soft spot in my heart for the main tune in this particular piece of lounge music lassitude, as I could pick it out on the piano years before I took a single lesson. It is just a basically a scale refracted through a gin fizz.

Seems like there really isn’t any other choice other than Frank Sinatra for a performance.

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