Research Words: Reading Slows Cognitive Decline

An informed summary of some research on reading (with a less than surprising conclusion), but well written:

“The upshot” (as a college math professor of mine liked to say at the end of class):

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 6.10.04 AM
The Peabody Library in Baltimore. Reading the books helps you beat aging, and climbing the many stairs takes care of the exercise bit. Libraries as “life long fitness”?

The study suggests that reading and other cognitive activities really are good for you, and may help slow cognitive decline. It’s a nice study, the longitudinal design is a good one, and they were careful to work with participants only when they had complete sets of data.”

From a group blog called This in turn led me to the Science News blog (where the unnamed author of the piece about the writing study now works, and which is a great browse, perhaps not as cognitively helpful as reading but still fun.

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