City Opera: Manuela Hoelterhoff nails its demise

Bloomberg News’ arts site has a funny (and sad to say fair) take down of the NYCO fiasco. Yes, George Steele was a mistake, but somebody did hire him and stand by him.

From her post “Anyone taking responsibility for killing City Opera?”:


But to end as a two-bit touring company expiring in the wake of a pathetic Kickstarter campaign really stretches my suspenders of disbelief.

That’s what happened after George Steel, the over-parted general director, extracted the company from Lincoln Center before securing another stage. City Opera began rolling through the boroughs like clown Canio and his tragic retinue.

Sills, Caldwell, and Rudel
NYCO Opera as it once was, Beverly Sills, Sarah Caldwell, and Julius Rudel pictured in 1976, the year of my first opera there, which left me wide-eyed with wonder.  


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