Beautiful Music: Prokofiev

I have, over the years, watched a lot of classical music on TV (yes, there is classical music on TV, once there was rather a lot of it.) But I’ve never seen something shot quite like this, a video of the last movement of Prokofiev’s Piano Sonata #7, “Precipitato” given a strong performance by Denis Kozhukhin.

The photography and the editing border on the hyperactive, but then so does the piece, starting with its jumpy 7/8 time signature.

Prokovief, 7th Piano Sonata

In fairness to the composer, it is good to remember that his art encompassed not just music that was driving forward in relentless ways, like the 7th Sonata, but works music with tunes, that, as Andre Previn once remarked (of the 5th Symphony I think), he must have sold his soul for.

To wit: the second movement of the 8th Piano Sonata, with Ashkenazy weaving the magic spell.

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