Beautiful Song: Some Other Time

A little tardy in posting, and lots of interesting news to ponder, including the Bradley Manning verdict. But instead, I’ll just share Bernstein’s “Some Other Time” from On The Town. I saw a charming production of the musical at Boston’s Lyric State a few months back, and was struck by how good the score is, particularly this ensemble number that could pass for Sondheim.

The shore leave for our heroes is over and they are bidding farewell to their girlfriends, with bittersweet backwards glances all around.

Here it is in a solo version by Jane Monheit.

Tad overproduced, yes. But mix a martini and seems just right.

And then this oddly affecting version from a Swedish jazz singer I didn’t know, Monica Zetterlund, accompanied by the great Bill Evans.

From a Swedish doc, subtitled in Swedish (I think) and with old Monica listening to young Monica. Probably a media theory term paper in their somewhere.

Finally, Evans by himself.

Selah. Happy Wednesday.

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