Silly Words: Lorae Ipsae

Anybody who works in web editorial (or print editorial for that matter) has probably encountered Lorem Ipsum, the dummy text used to fill out design templates as a way of testing whether they work. For some odd reason, this is called “Greeking” even though it most assuredly is Latin.

As a writer/producer, my view is it’s a bad idea…as it doesn’t really give you much info about whether the content will work (length, headers, etc.) But sometimes you have to use it, and because it’s the web, if if you tired of the same old text there are a bunch of other versions you can play with. Courtesy of the drolly titled Tentacled Testing. Comments are theirs.

Here’s a collection of the various places to grab some blocks of text:

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator – There are many but I like this one. Great and easy options.
  • Bacon Ipsum – One of my favorites. Whimsical, meaty and work safe.
  • Beer Ipsum – Not as many options but beer is never wrong. Unless a client sees it.
  • Hipster Ipsum – I work in Brooklyn. I use this to amuse developers but I’m careful to keep it away from client’s eyes.
  • Gangsta Ipsum – No actual swear words but it’s not something I would use at work.
  • Fillerati – If you love novels this is the dummy text for you.
  • Samuel L. Jackson Ipsum – I don’t know where you work but I wouldn’t use this one on anything but I am so very happy it exists.

And although cupcakes’ cultural moment maybe be over, there is still a delightful Cupcake Ipsum generator.
Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.48.31 PM

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