Snowden: Hero or Criminal?

Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly has provocative reflections about Edward Snowden, the now famous Booz-Allen contractor and source for the NSA story.

What’s my own gut reaction to the hundreds of images of Edward Snowden all over the Internet and television today? Not immediately positive, I must admit. For a putative martyr, Snowden’s had a pretty cushy existence, it seems, and yeah, there’s pretty clearly a narcissism problem when someone in his 20s decides to give Barack Obama a chance to “keep his promises” before leaking what he knew about PRISM.

The Guardian calls him a “brave whistleblower.

And the New Republic asks if he’s more Aaron Swartz than Bradley Manning?

Only two things seem like safe bets: the story will keep unfolding, possibly until it reaches, god help us, the Cincinnati IRS office somehow, and it was one tough day at Booz Allen Hamilton. We outsource wars, we out source security, we let banks outsource bank failure (to the public). Scandal, so far, seems non-out sourceable, although I suppose Booz could be calling up McKinsey for crisis management right about now…

Booz Allen Hamilton headquarters in McLean, Virginia

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