Beautiful Music: Alessio Bax

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.56.14 AMGreat young pianists will always be with us, but nosing around Naxos Music Library I came upon Alessio Bax and think he stands out from the crowd of ferociously talented players on the scene. The Italian-born pianist has just released a CD of Brahms, (much praised in Gramophone Magazine) and joins a bunch of great Italian pianists (Maurizio Pollini and Maria Tipo come to mind) who have a compelling way with German romantic repertoire, music that in other hands sometimes sounds sluggish and overwrought.

I couldn’t find footage of him playing Brahms, but here’s a nice Bach transcription courtesy of WQRX. (Bax has done a recording of them).  Following is a blistering account of the fugue from the Hammerklavier, played for a masterclass with Daniel Barenboim.

Barenboim’s comments are available as well, and together the clips provide an insightful tour of this monumental piece, which Bax already plays at a commanding level.

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