Reasonable Words: Anatomy of a YouTube IP battle

ArtsTechnica has an interesting first-person account on how a “fair use” poster child got mired in YouTube’s infringement workflow. In the various twists and turns Jonathan McIntosh relates, two struck me. First, all this “think you didn’t infringe, fill out this form” automated IP process seems disconcerting in that it hides the people behind the claims; are there people? Or just algorithms?  Secondly, if I’m following it right, part of the dispute is over whether somebody who asserts IP rights can unilaterally insert their ads, which you have to live with, or have your content blocked. Somewhat “meta” and creepy.

From the piece:

This is what a broken copyright enforcement system looks like.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.36.00 AM

Although my interest in Buffy or Edward is “less than absent” to steal a phrase from Robert Pinsky, I think I may have to watch his mash up for context. (Just watched it, nice piece of editing.)

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