Beautiful Music: Les Troyens

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 9.43.09 AMHector Berlioz’s epic opera, The Trojans, all five hours of it, is live from the Met today at noon (both on old fashioned radio and in the HD broadcast in movie theaters). Berlioz fanatics will hang on every note, particularly those caressed by Susan Graham who is a wonderful Dido. But even if you are looking to spend your Saturday afternoon doing something other than blissing out on the apex of French romantic neo-classicism, I’d still recommend Acts III and IV, (starting at 2:15 or so EST according to the not always reliable Opera News.) Act IV ends with the most beautiful duet HB ever wrote, and that, mesdames, mesdemoiselles et messieurs, is saying something.

A taste below:  Verrett and Gedda in the duet (superb singers, hurried along a bit by the conductor).

and Domingo and Troyanos, stars of the Met’s previous production.

  What on earth is Placido wearing on his feet? And sorry that the clip breaks off before the end…deprives you of Berlioz’s brilliant flash that ends the act.

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