Pictures: Design Observer’s “Accidental Mysteries”

dilettantish interest in typography and graphic arts led me a long time ago to Design Observer, and two things keep me coming back, strong writing (by Stephen Heller among others), and a regular feature they have called Accidental Mysteries, which is a lightly curated set of images from all over the web. They have their “best of” set up now and they are great (one of street posters is perfect for fans of Found).

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 11.13.26 PM
One of the many strange finds from Design Observer’s series, “Accidental Mysteries.”

I was about to write that part of the appeal of the series is its “webishness,” to wit: it would be hard to imagine something like this pre-Internet. But a bit of reflection scotches that, it is just the digital equivalent of a cabinet of curiosities perhaps.

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