Online Ed: Marginal Revolution University

Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok,two economists at George Mason U who run a popular econ blog called Marginal Revolution, have started Marginal Revolution University. Their first course, on Development Economics,  is up.
The implementation seems pretty simplistic (narrated slideshows), but the goal is very admirable. It’s interesting that these profs. chose to “roll their own” infrastructure at the same time that big research universities are sinking untold millions into online platforms. Which one will turn out to be the real disruption? Harvard and MIT, et al, have a global brand to protect, Cowen and Tabarrok seem to honestly want to teach people development economics as empowerment.

Their blog has a great list of “Blogs we Like,” (because we all need MORE blogs and feeds, right?) Learned about one I didn’t know about by Gary Becker and Richard Posner, which should put to rest any lingering view that blogging is not for intellectual heavyweights.

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