Poetic Words: Unlikely Subjects

Harold Bloom, explicator of so much of literature, gets a starring role in a droll poem by Joel Lewis. The 1,000 pages a day must be true, and given his bibliography, he must write 50 a day too. How on earth is it even possible to do that and follow the Yankees?

How Harold Bloom Chills Out

Right after
Professor Harold Bloom of Yale
explained his
1,000 pages-a-day
reading habit as
“perhaps a neo-Lamarckian
inheritance from an unknown
Talmudic sage ancestor”
the C-Span interviewer asked:
“I’ve heard you are
a baseball fan”

Bloom’s Jabba the Hutt-meets-Falstaff face lit up.
“Oh yes, I’ve supported the Yankees since 1936,
when an uncle took me to a game.

In fact, when this interview is concluded, I shall
turn on this television set to see
‘how the Yankees are doing.'”

JOEL LEWIS, from Surrender When Leaving Coach

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