Droll Words: Amazon Reviews as a Prose Form

Tipped by a friend (who shares my insomnia), here’s a droll Amazon review of a sleep mask. A little random, but fun:

“The velcro allows you to really get the mask nice and tight so it won’t slip while you’re tossing and turning at night. You may remember the movie Aliens, and the little face sucker that attached itself to your face and injected you with its alien eggs? The mask is like that, but instead of covering your mouth and nose and using you for breeding purposes, this friendly little mask covers only your eyes and ears and quite possibly whispers sweet nothings directly into your brain. The first night I wore the mask I slept wonderfully, but I did have a dream that I was trying to drive my car with the mask on, and then I had another dream that I was blind and wondering around a local shopping center. I am fairly certain these were just dreams, but in case it wasn’t a dream, my experiences would have to force me not to recommend driving or wondering around the mall looking for neon hotpants while wearing this mask. Comfortable fit and really keeps out the light and noise of the world, but may cause wacky blindness dreams. Since I enjoy both sleeping soundly and wacky dreams, this mask gets a well deserved 5 stars. ”

This reviewer’s other contributions are also fun: who knew that the George R.R. Martin series has its own cookbook? And, in the weird way of the Web, you get to know this reviewer and his sensibility:


2 Replies to “Droll Words: Amazon Reviews as a Prose Form”

  1. Believe it or not, I met the cookbook authors at Pennsic last week. Wouldn’t you know, it turns out they’re local SCAdians!

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