See A Beautiful Picture: Two Remarkable Photos

Item 1: (tipped by Nerd Republic) Henry Stuart’s astonishing and tagable) giga-pixel photo of the end of the men’s 100 meter race.


Other of his gigipixel photos, as well as 3D, 360, and cut outs are on the Getty Global Assignment site and some general information on these massive pictures, and many links, can be found at

Item 2: the news that a team in Singapore has used nanotechnology to create a photo with a resolution of about 100,000 dots per inch, an order of magnitude past the best ink-jet technology. Think about that…it approaches the limit possible because of the nature of the diffraction of light, well past the ability of somebody with 20-20 version to discern, as the article notes, “[photos] look higher than high definition.”

The technology looks to have possibilities in archival work and security.

I would speculate about item 1 x item 2, (gigapixel combined with nanotechnology photography), but I think I need to take a nap.)

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