Portlandia: “It’s Free After You Pay For It”

Although Fred and Carrie are my heroes, I think the other actors on Portlandia, who often have to play deadpan straight men to their bemused requests (for instance for a cool wedding), are brilliant.

The cell phone store experience is spot on. Kumail Nanjiani unravels the skein of cell phone options to increasing befuddlement. (The masterplan of evil VP’s of sales who have mastered the art of tuning into the brain’s tendency to equate choice with quality and self-actualization. Dazzle them with choices and they won’t notice their signing a lousy deal that in fact impairs choice for months.)

Particularly wonderful is the list of ridiculous cell phone names on offer: Vitrio charisma, Revelation, Epiphany, Torque, Trick, Dazzle, Create, Max, Onus, Opus, Blast radius.

Any sillier than these actual products?

Rezound. Rhyme. Vivid. Epic. Sensation. Thrill. Skyrocket. Conquer. Triumph. Enlighten. Infuse. Prevail. Arrive.

If you want an extra giggle, turn on the automatic captions on the Portlandia clip.

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