So You Think You Can Paint

Courtesy of the SF Weekly’s Blog, “The Exhibitionist,” nice video of a club-like event where you can go and paint. Happens for free every Thursday.

More evidence for my possibly crack-pot theory that as so many of us spend work lives, and increasingly personal lives, interacting via screens, the desire to do something that is tangible, not mediated digitally, and happens with people IRL grows. At least this is true for me as a teleworker.

More practically: Why do things like this always seem to start in San Francisco? Is that Oscar Wilde quote to blame (now attributed to Jack London, I hear).

“It’s an odd thing, but anyone who disappears
is said to be seen in San Francisco.
It must be a delightful city and possess
all the attractions of the next world”
― Oscar Wilde/Jack London

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