Another Reason to Elope

Or perhaps not get married at all? Fun piece today by Beth Teitell in today’s Globe (probably free only today.)

The bride and groom were making the rounds at their reception in East Bridgewater when the wedding coordinator at the Villa at the Ridder Country Club noticed a major problem. Uh-oh. Was the bride’s bra showing? Had a child swiped a fingerful of frosting from the cake?

If only.

“Guests were sending very inappropriate texts,” said Jennifer Gullins, the marketing director of Saphire Event Group. And they were far from private. The happy couple had sprung for a DJ package that included a large plasma screen on which text messages could be displayed. Some guests had taken the opportunity to send nasty (and anonymous) comments about other guests’ outfits and sizes.

“We approached the bride and groom and said unfortunately we have to ask for this service to be discontinued,” Gullins said.


“Most guests are going to bring their phones with them,” he said, “and most brides would prefer that the phones at least somehow relate to the wedding, rather than what the Sox or the Celts are doing.”

Never mind that a wedding is supposed to be a social event — people need entertainment beyond conversation, music, and food. And that means interacting with their phones. “Now during cocktail hour, you’ve got something [live texting] that engages all the guests,” said Al-Mahdi. “They’re not bored.”

Apparently a nuptial without live streaming, twitterfall like social media, and perhaps a “rights and appearance” release just is so 20th century. I’m horrified, predictably, but I do see some freelance opportunity doing [snide] wedding IT phone support. “Thanks for your call, it’s important to us. If you’d like faster service, please contact your designated hardware maid of honor or best man of software support to open a ticket. And please do press one if you think the bridesmaids’ dresses in off-silver really were an unfortunate choice. You’ll be entered in a raffle for free IT desk support for your event!” Click.

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