Maybe I’m a “Power” Something After All?

Interesting piece from Julio Ojeda-Zapata on E-books at the St. Paul Public Library and news of a Pew Report about e-Book use in libraries in general. It’s a secret apparently to many patrons that the service even exists.

Includes this line,

“Those who borrow e-books “are power users who read a lot, electronically and in print,” he said. “They check out a lot of books and buy a lot of books. They just want to read, and do not care if it’s electronic or print.”

I’m not just a big reader, I’m a “library power user.” I like it. The only other thing I’m even close to a power user on is Excel for the Mac, and that has not–to date–been an a big personal selling point, except possibly with the shade of my late grandfather, who was a CPA.

One Reply to “Maybe I’m a “Power” Something After All?”

  1. I’m addicted to borrowing library e-books for my Kindle. It saves me from a very bad habit–buying books (I know, writers need to make a living, but so do I) and I often find books I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t dream of trying otherwise.

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