Interviewing Žižek

Not for the timid! Decca Aitkenhead (a magnificent name, no?) is up to the task in The Guardian. In addition to spouting lots of showily transgressive, obscenity-laden nonsense (sexual and otherwise), he makes a few trenchant points.

I try to steer Žižek on to the financial crisis, and to the role his admirers hope he will play in formulating a radical response.

“I always emphasise: don’t expect this from me. I don’t think that the task of a guy like me is to propose complete solutions. When people ask me what to do with the economy, what the hell do I know? I think the task of people like me is not to provide answers but to ask the right questions.” He’s not against democracy, per se, he just thinks our democratic institutions are no longer capable of controlling global capitalism. “Nice consensual incremental reforms may work, possibly, at a local level.” But localism belongs in the same category as organic apples, and recycling. “It’s done to make you feel good. But the big question today is how to organise to act globally, at an immense international level, without regressing to some authoritarian rule.”

Makes me wonder what an interview of Karl Marx by Oscar Wilde would have been like.
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One Reply to “Interviewing Žižek”

  1. How convenient that Zizek can spout deeply intellectual nonsense but not be pinned down on what to do. The crack about localism is facile. He needs to be challenged on how to draw the boundaries of one’s system in an ethical manner. That said, thanks for sharing 🙂

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