3-D Printing Revolutionizes Guitar Making

ODD's Atom 3D printed guitar
The musical fruits of 3-D printing.

My partner Jim saw 3-D printing technology in action 10 years ago at a company on the Rt. 128 tech corridor outside Boston, MA. At that stage it was still just small machine parts and demos. Now it’s custom-order guitars, with increasingly gee-whiz possibilities on the horizon.





From the article.

He is working with printer maker 3D Systems in the US to make Gibson Les Paul-style bodies from poly ether ether ketone (PEEK), which has similar rigidity to wood. Combined with 3D printing’s ability to produce objects with complex internal shapes, this offers a range of accoustic possibilities.

“That’s where you can have enormous fun with having each string resonate to a different acoustic chamber.”

Diegel expects to have a guitar on the 3D Systems stand at the 3D Printshow in London in October, which has the tagline “The world is about to change again”.


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